Your Next Egg Sandwich Is Begging To Be Smothered In Sriracha Butter

Breakfast sandwich by sriracha bottle
Breakfast sandwich by sriracha bottle - Eric Ngo/Tasting Table

An egg sandwich is the perfect solution for when you want something savory in the morning — after all, there's no better way to get eggs, bacon, cheese, and the works all in one bite. But, no breakfast sandwich is complete unless you have the right condiment; this is where sriracha butter comes in.

Sriracha butter, as used in Tasting Table's recipe for the ultimate egg sandwich, consists of just, you guessed it, sriracha and butter. To make this spicy version of butter, all you have to do is mix one tablespoon of sriracha into two tablespoons of softened unsalted butter. Of course, if you're worried about it being too spicy, you can always use slightly less sriracha than called for. Either way, after it's mixed together, you're all ready to spread it on the two English muffin sides to complete the sandwich.

The result is a condiment that has the creaminess of butter with a subtle and unexpected kick of tangy heat, perfect for cutting through the rich, fatty elements that tend to pile up on a hearty breakfast sandwich. It's guaranteed to upgrade just about any breakfast sandwich by making each bite a bit more exciting. You may even be tempted to make extra to fully smother your sandwich in the spicy butter.

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Breakfast Sandwiches That Can Be Upgraded With Sriracha Butter

Croissant sandwich on plate
Croissant sandwich on plate - Nina Firsova/Shutterstock

Once you've tried the sriracha butter, you will likely be itching to put it on other types of breakfast sandwiches, but which ones should you start with? Well, you could go with Tasting Table's recipe for a pesto prosciutto breakfast sandwich. If you're not a fan of pesto (or just aren't in the mood for it), you can swap it out for the sriracha butter. The spiciness of the butter will balance out the sweetness of the brioche buns for a nice mix of flavors.

You could also spread it on a croissant breakfast sandwich filled with your favorite breakfast ingredients. The sriracha butter will work perfectly with the already buttery croissant, making for a butter lover's dream breakfast — but with that kick of spice from the sriracha to make sure the sandwich isn't one-note. Another tasty breakfast option is to add the sriracha butter to a scrambled egg-filled grilled cheese. Adding scrambled eggs to grilled cheese already means that you get to have a gooey, cheesy breakfast, and the sriracha butter adds extra depth.

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