Newark Liberty International Airport is in the running to win America's best public restroom

All-gender restroom in Terminal B of Newark Airport
This Newark Liberty International Airport bathroom is a finalist to win America's best restroom.Cintas Corporation
  • Newark Liberty International Airport is in the running for "America's Best Restroom," an annual contest held by Cintas Corporation.

  • The current title for best public bathroom belongs to a subway-themed facility in an Ohio pizza restaurant.

  • The contest first started in 2002, and winners receive a $2,500 facility service or restroom cleaning.

Newark Liberty International Airport is making headlines, but not for the reason you'd probably think — it's currently in the running to win "America's Best Restroom" of 2022.

The annual Cintas Corporation-sponsored contest features the 10 finalists for best bathroom around the US located in spas, restaurants, and, of course, airports.

The contest is only open to public restrooms or washrooms in the US. Anyone can nominate a bathroom, although the nomination period ended in June, according to contest rules.

The all-gender bathroom in Terminal B of the Newark Liberty International Airport was designed "to create a calming environment" and alleviate "inadequate capacity at the existing restrooms," the contest website states.

"Local imagery, integrated into the architectural treatment of glass and tile, establishes a sense of place to remind the users where they might have visited or what they might want to experience during a return trip," a photo caption of the bathroom reads. "Sound and scent compliment the visual experience to create a calming environment."

Newark Liberty Airport bathroom
The nominated bathroom at Newark Liberty International Airport.Cintas Corporation

The nomination comes after Newark Liberty International Airport recently received recognition in a less positive light: A FlightAware analysis for CNN ranked the airport number one alongside LaGuardia for most summer cancellations, with nearly 8% of departing flights canceled from Newark since May 28.

Past winners, dating back to 2002, are featured in the "Hall of Fame" on the contest's website with a short description of what makes each bathroom special.

The reigning winner is a subway-themed bathroom in Two Cities Pizza located in Mason, Ohio. Winners of the contest receive Cintas services, including $2,500 in facility service or restroom cleaning, according to a July press release.

Bathroom of Two Cities Pizza in Ohio
The 2021 America's Best Room winner is this subway-themed restroom in Two Cities Pizza in Mason, Ohio.Cintas Corporation

Notable 2022 best bathroom finalists include Headlands Lodge and Spa in Oregon, North Hollywood Recreation Center in California, and Tampa International Airport in Florida.

Voting closes August 31.

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