New official NBA Fantasy Game on Yahoo makes it easier than ever to play

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Get in on the Fantasy Basketball season and you could win a title like Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

The NBA is always working to engage their great fanbase and Fantasy Basketball is a huge part of that continuing effort. With that, the NBA has teamed up with Yahoo to offer a fantasy format that caters both to new users and seasoned veterans. The following will help outline the default scoring system for new head-to-head points leagues on Yahoo.

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For you Fantasy Football players who also love the NBA, but haven’t played Fantasy Basketball this format should be appealing. Head-to-head scoring translates well to hoops as it does football and makes for an easy transition to playing Fantasy Basketball. You get the chance to play your opponent in a matchup and come away with a win or loss that week just like in football.

Here are five things you need to know about the new official NBA Fantasy Game on Yahoo:

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1. Lineup: Scoring is weekly. Set your roster for each week before tipoff of the first game of the week.

Even the most ardent fantasy player can find daily moves to be tedious, especially during a long season such as the NBA. This option still allows strategy to be involved, as comparing weekly schedules (matchups and most importantly, the amount of games played that given period) becomes extremely important when setting your lineup yet not overwhelmingly time consuming. Once set at the beginning of each week, there’s no need to tinker or worry about last-minute scratches throughout the period, making it an even playing field.

You also have the option to change the edit lineup setting in your league from weekly to daily if you want daily lineup edits and a more hands-on experience.

2. Scoring: Stats = points. There are six stat categories and each has a specific point value: Points Scored (1), Total Rebounds (1.2), Assists (1.5), Blocked Shots (3), Steals (3), Turnovers (-1).

The “points” based format is simple and means you add all of your stats together to get your final score (as opposed to category leagues, where it matters how you accumulate them specifically. In other words, being well-rounded is less important, just as long as you rack up the points). This format also means FG%, FT% and 3PT can be ignored. Stephen Curry remains plenty valuable, but his prowess from downtown is mitigated, whereas on the flip side, someone like Dwight Howard goes from nearly worthless in 9-cat leagues to highly valuable here, because all of his misses at the free throw line don’t matter.

3. Roster moves: Adding players must be completed by Sunday before the next week. All players added after Sunday will appear on your roster for the following week (unless you switch your lineup setting from weekly to daily).

This is a necessity given the weekly lineup rule but gives you the freedom (four moves per week) to still make transactions with eyes toward improving your future roster.

4. Matchup: You play another person in the league each week and the team with the most points wins the matchup.

Again, it’s a zero-sum game, so it doesn’t matter how you fare in individual categories, just a win/loss based on your total points vs. your opponent. Head-to-head is also a great way to keep all league members involved longer than typical rotisserie formats, where someone can feel out of contention much earlier.

5. Number of games: Know how many games your players are scheduled for each week. Click on the opponents tab to see how many games the players on your roster have for the week. The more they play, the more points you score.

Maximizing your games played often can be the difference between victory and defeat in a given week. You can go in extreme detail when examining the schedule and look at tendencies of upcoming opposing defenses, such as Pace and Defensive Efficiency, or just take a few minutes to make sure you have your lineup set for the optimal amount of games played. It’s up to you, as this new format is easily accessible for the new player while also accommodating those who’ve been playing Fantasy Basketball for years.

Come try it out as it’s still not too late to sign up. Myself along with the NBA Playmakers are competing in a league this season. You can monitor the league throughout the season so you can see who lands where in the standings, check out the latest content from the NBA Playmakers and for some trash talk, of course.

Also, make sure to keep up to date with the latest fantasy advice and NBA news from the Yahoo experts.

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