“The NeverEnding Story” will fly again in new movie adaptation

The original novel that inspired the '80s cult favorite will be coming to the screen again soon.

Get ready to fly again on the wings of Falkor, because a new movie adaptation of The NeverEnding Story is on the horizon. See-Saw Productions announced on Wednesday that they had secured the rights to new live-action films based on Michael Ende's original novel.

"Today we are unbelievably excited to announce that See-Saw Films is going into partnership with Michael Ende Productions to develop and produce live action films adapted from Michael Ende’s The NeverEnding Story," the studio's official Twitter account wrote in a statement.

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The NeverEnding Story

Ende's 1979 novel was famously adapted into a 1984 film by Wolfgang Petersen that has become a cult favorite over the years and a highlight of '80s pop culture.

The fantasy story revolves around a young boy who discovers a mysterious book about a far-away magical land (called Fantasia in the movie and Fantastica in Ende's novel) inhabited by colorful characters like the Childlike Empress, the warrior Atreyu, and the dragon Falkor. The 1984 film is also remembered for its synth score by Giorgio Moroder, which has been invoked in Netflix's Stranger Things as part of that show's ongoing love letter to '80s culture.

See-Saw Productions has become known for adapting high-profile literary works into successful movies and TV shows. The company produced Jane Campion's Oscar-winning film adaptation of The Power of the Dog in 2021, as well as recent TV hits Heartstopper (based on Alice Oseman's graphic novels) and Slow Horses (based on Mick Herron's Slough House novels).

No date or casting has yet been announced for the new version of The NeverEnding Story, but the producers are optimistic.

“The story is both timely and timeless, and really has an opportunity to be told in a fresh way,” See-Saw producer Iain Canning told Variety. “Part of the specialness of the book is that you can go back to it at different ages in your life and find different levels of meaning. So how wonderful that we have this opportunity to do a fresh perspective that will have new layers and meanings. We just believe that every generation deserves their own journey into Fantastica.”

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