Is Netflix’s ‘Damsel’ Based on a Book?

Millie Bobby Brown’s latest Netflix film “Damsel” presents all the trappings of a classic fantasy story, a fairytale even, but rest assured, while that might draw viewers to the movie, the film delivers a very different kind of story. Brown portrays Elodie, the oldest daughter of Ray Winstone’s Lord Bayford, leader of the famine-stricken Inophe. Lord Bayford strikes a deal with a mysterious woman shrouded in red to marry Elodie off to a wealthy prince in a faraway land.

Elodie doesn’t meet Prince Henry (Nick Robinson) until she, her father, her younger sister, Floria (Brooke Carter), and their stepmother, Lady Bayford (Angela Bassett), have already sailed to the reclusive Aurea, a wealthy kingdom that prospers thanks to fertile lands, plentiful harvests and more. Queen Isabelle (Robin Wright) makes most of the decisions while King Roderick (Milo Twomey) provides support quietly at her side.

The facade soon falls, as does Elodie, when Prince Henry lifts her off her feet to “carry” her down the mountain where they complete their eerie wedding ceremony — and throws her down into a complex system of caverns inhabited by a fierce and furious dragon. Turns out the Aureans made a binding deal long ago that they would sacrifice three princesses per generation of heirs to the throne to keep the dragon appeased, or the dragon would wreak havoc on the idyllic kingdom.

Just as the film flips the formula of a fairytale around, its origin did not come about in the typical way that movies associated with books do. For those curious about which came first, the book or the movie, read on below:

Is ‘Damsel’ Based on a Book?

It’s actually the opposite! Evelyn Skye’s “Damsel” novel is based on writer Dan Mazeau’s scripts for the film.

Netflix struck a deal for the novelization of the film in 2022, when Millie Bobby Brown was already attached to produce and star in the movie. The film wrapped production before the novelization deal between Netflix and Random House Worlds.

Does the Book Remain Faithful to the Film?

For the most part, the book remains very similar to the movie’s story. Of course, books offer opportunities to flesh out settings, characters and other parts of a story. Certain details in the book aren’t exactly addressed the same way in the film.

Does the ‘Damsel’ Book End the Same Way as the Film?

No! While the events of the ending unfold to leave both Elodie and the dragon alive, a unique event occurs when Elodie’s blood mixes with the dragon’s. The concept of mixing royal blood with the sacrificial princesses comes into play because Elodie can now transform into a dragon. The original dragon remains around to guide her.

Has Evelyn Skye Written Other Books?

Yes, Evelyn Skye has written several books such as “The Hundred Loves of Juliet,” “One Year Ago in Spain,” “Princess Private Eye,” “The Crown’s Game,” “The Crown’s Fate,” “Cloak of Night” and “Circle of Shadows.”

“Damsel” is now streaming on Netflix.

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