NCAA tournament odds: Duke is the new Vegas favorite, with Villanova close behind

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Two rounds of the NCAA tournament are in the books, and saying that the results were unexpected would be the biggest understatement of the year. Upsets were plentiful, including a 16-seed beating a one-seed, which means the field looks a lot different than many, many, many, many people it would at this point.

That means the odds in Vegas have changed quite a bit as well. A week ago — before a single game was played — Villanova was the favorite, followed by Duke, UVA, Michigan State, and Michigan. But now with high seeds like Arizona, UVA, Xavier, Cincinnati, and Michigan State out of the tourney, the favor of the Bovada odds-makers has fallen on a new team.

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And that team? Duke. The Blue Devils are sitting at 13/4 odds to win the whole thing, with Villanova just behind at 9/2. Rounding out the top four is four-seed Gonzaga and five-seed Kentucky.

In Vegas, Duke is the favorite to win the NCAA tournament. (AP Photo)
In Vegas, Duke is the favorite to win the NCAA tournament. (AP Photo)

As we head into the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday, there are also odds on which team will win each region, since we’re down to just four teams apiece. With the South and West regions in such disarray after the elimination of top seeds (not just No. 1’s Xavier and UVA, but two-seeds Cincinnati and North Carolina), Gonzaga is the favorite in the West and Kentucky is the favorite in the south.

The full odds from Bovada are below.

Odds to win the NCAA championship

Duke: 13/4
Villanova: 9/2
Gonzaga: 7/1
Kentucky: 7/1
Michigan: 8/1
Kansas: 17/2
Purdue: 16/1
West Virginia: 16/1
Texas Tech: 22/1
Clemson: 25/1
Nevada: 25/1
Texas A&M: 25/1
Kansas State: 28/1
Florida State: 40/1
Loyola Chicago: 50/1
Syracuse: 66/1

Regional odds

Odds to win the Midwest Region
Duke: 2/3
Kansas: 2/1
Clemson: 8/1
Syracuse: 18/1

Odds to win the West Region
Gonzaga: 7/5
Michigan: 7/4
Texas A&M: 4/1
Florida State: 8/1

Odds to win the South Region
Kentucky: 5/6
Nevada: 7/2
Kansas State: 9/2
Loyola Chicago: 11/2

Odds to win the East Region
Villanova: 1/1
West Virginia: 15/4
Purdue: 4/1
Texas Tech: 9/2

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