NBA: Three more Memphis Grizzlies matches called off over player shortage due to COVID-19

Agence France-Presse
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Los Angeles: Three more NBA games were postponed on Thursday as the Memphis Grizzlies continued to struggle with player shortages due to the coronavirus, the league confirmed in a statement.

The NBA said the Grizzlies next three games €" against Portland on Friday and Sunday and against Sacramento on Monday €" had been called off in order to comply with league safety protocols.

"The games are being postponed due to unavailable players for the Grizzlies and contact tracing for other players on their roster, and in order to ensure the health and safety of players on both teams," the NBA said.

The Grizzlies game against Portland on Wednesday had already been postponed for the same reasons.

The league have also postponed Friday's Washington Wizards-Milwaukee Bucks game because of similar Covid-19 health and safety issues.

The league's coronavirus protocols require anyone who tests positive, or who is identified as coming in close contact with an infected person, to isolate or quarantine.

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