‘Nature’ Retracts Bogus Superconductor Breakthrough Paper

Dragon Claws / Getty Images
Dragon Claws / Getty Images

The prestigious scientific journal Nature announced today that its retracted a much-lauded study that claimed to have evidence of a room-temperature superconductor, a material that would have groundbreaking implications on the world of fusion energy and quantum computing (if any of it were true). The journal’s editorial board retracted the paper, which was published in March, at the request of eight of the 11 co-authors, adding that they “concluded that these issues undermine the integrity of the published paper.” The disputed study is the second superconductor paper led by Ranga P. Dias, a mechanical engineer at the University of Rochester, to be retracted by Nature in two years. It's also just the latest in a series of room-temperature superconductor announcements that failed to live up to hype and expectations.

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