NASCAR Driver Bayley Currey Goes Topless in Atlanta, Loses Roof in Final Stage

bayley currey chevrolet silverado develops a sun roof
NASCAR Driver Bayley Currey Loses Roof at AtlantaNASCAR/FOX/Youtube

Bayley Currey would’ve preferred to have raised the roof in celebration of an Atlanta victory instead, the Niece Motorsports driver finished 31st in the FR8 200 at Atlanta Motor Speedway after losing his roof with 39 laps remaining in the final stage.

In a ‘you have to see it to believe it' moment the No. 41 Chevrolet’s roof slowly peeled away exposing the driver to the fresh Georgia air at 100 mph.

During stage one, Currey sustained damage to his windshield after hitting debris. This contact knocked the brace out of wack, sequentially leading to his roof bending and breaking away.

"There’s so much turbulent air here with the trucks moving around in the draft,” Currey told Racing America’s Toby Christie. “We started moving back and forth and with that, it was like a Coke can if you bend it enough it’s going to break… and it broke.”

The broadcast was first notified of Currey’s problem from Matt Crafton’s radio, Crafton was running behind Currey when he saw the roof start to peel off. This was unfortunately the end of the day for Currey as he pulled off the track and headed straight to the garage.

Once the roof flap was freed, it hit the top of Ty Dillon’s truck. The No. 25 sustained minimal damage and Dillon finished the race in 14th.

This was the second race in a row where Currey was met with misfortune, as the Niece Motorsports driver crashed from the front row with Bret Homes last weekend at Daytona.

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