Muslim designer brings modest fashion to 'Project Runway' for the win

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Project Runway‘s 27-year-old Ayana Ife is a Muslim woman who is trying to show women that you can be Muslim and still be trendy and fashion-forward.

Ayana and the other designers faced an unconventional materials challenge. The designers were put into three teams, and they had to use entirely recyclable materials that they scavenged from a recycling center. Ayana wanted to make sure that her dress was suitable for a Muslim woman. “So, to make my dress modest, I am going to use a newsprint, and then I’m filling it in with little pieces of foil underneath,” she said.

Growing up Muslim, Ayana found that there was a shortage of trendy, modest clothing, so she created her own looks. “With my look specifically, I wanted to make sure that I incorporated the modesty aspect of what I do, so mine is gonna be a long fringe,” she said.

On the runway, her look stood out, and the judges took notice. Nina García said, “I was particularly impressed with Ayana. The drama of the fringe — there was utter elegance to this dress. Very dramatic, without having to show a slice of skin.”

When it came time to for the judges to pick a winner for this challenge, Ayana was the clear choice. Ayana’s look will be featured in Marie Claire magazine.

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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