MTV finally makes a good decision by choosing Tiffany Haddish as its Movie & TV Awards host

The Morning Breath
Morning Breath

Lightning does strike twice when it comes to Tiffany Haddish. The actress, who made history as the first black comedienne to host Saturday Night Live, is making history again. MTV has tapped the uproarious comic to host the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards in June.

“Finally, some real talent,” The Morning Breath‘s Claudia Oshry says of MTV’s enlightened choice. “She’s the most talented comedienne right now.”

Notorious for settling on unqualified hosts to carry an entire night of entertainment, MTV has truly shocked us with this honorable decision. “She’s having a moment. [MTV] didn’t miss it, they didn’t come in too early, it’s right at the right time,” Claudia explains.

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Co-host and sister Jackie agrees with the high praise for Haddish. “She would be my first choice.”

While fans find themselves continually frustrated with cumbersome hosts trying to carry a three-hour show across industries, MTV might be more guilty, for their questionable draft picks. “MTV is always missing the mark with their hosts. Like Katy Perry at her lowest — just when she cut her hair. We did not want to see her, you know?” Claudia asks. “And as much as Adam Devine is a good actor, I wouldn’t even know his name if he didn’t host the MTV Movie Awards.”

She adds, “Even Miley. She was on such a downward spiral and they totally [exploited] her at her lowest point.”

Good hosts are hard to come by, but Haddish’s potential on MTV promises a hilarious and actually entertaining award show.


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