MSNBC Guest Concedes That a Donald Trump ‘Legal Derailment’ Is Looking ‘Less Likely’ | Video

Washington Post national political reporter Hannah Knowles joined MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” on Super Tuesday morning, saying it’s looking less likely that Donald Trump’s candidacy will be “derailed” by any of the legal roadblocks in his path to the nomination.

Anchor Jonathan Lemire kicked off the conversation by asking what Nikki Haley will do next after vowing to stay in the race through Super Tuesday, considering she is not expected to “ win many, if any, contests today.”

“There are a lot of people who think maybe she could drop out pretty soon after this, but she hasn’t announced anything,” Knowles replied.

The Washington Post political reporter continued, saying: “Usually, the campaign would run out of money at this point, and Nikki Haley still has donors who want to see her fight and sort of carry the banner for that old guard.”

However, Knowles added, “I just can’t imagine what she would gain from going further at this point.”

“We know that Trump’s criminal trial, the one in New York, starts in now under three weeks,” Lemire said. “Is the idea that she could stay around in case something were to happen there or an unexpected event that could derail Trump?”

Knowles responded, saying: “There is a case for stick around and collect delegates for as long as you can to be the person who can swoop in if something happens, but that is also looking less and less likely.”

The Washington Post reporter pointed out that some of his trials could easily be delayed until after the election.

“It is looking less likely Trump could have the moment of legal derailment,” Knowles said.

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