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Ms. Rachel announces she’s taking a mental health break from TikTok due to ‘hurtful’ comments

Ms. Rachel, the beloved TikTok teacher whose “Songs for Littles” have taken the parenting world by storm, is taking a mental health break due to “hurtful videos and comments.”

Rachel Griffin Accurso, known across social media simply as Ms. Rachel, is a preschool teacher turned YouTube and TikTok star whose educational videos for kids 4 and under have gained millions of followers.

On Feb. 27, Ms. Rachel shocked the world when she announced to her TikTok (@msrachelforlittles) that she would be taking a break from the platform for mental health purposes.

“I’m taking a break from TikTok for my mental health,” Ms. Rachel announced in the video, performing it in her trademark singsong style.

The video — captioned “Hurtful videos and comments, no matter how much attention they get, will not bring you want you want. Only love can do that” — shocked TikTokers.

“WHO HURT YOU??? Hold my earrings, lemme get my keys. We ride at dawn! 🙃” one user wrote.

“WAIT??! How could someone hate on ms Rachel!! 💔” another user commented.

“Nobody better not be messing with our Ms Rachel! Keep your head up! We love you!💕🙏🏽” wrote another user.

Ms. Rachel, who holds a master’s in music education and a second master’s in early childhood education, has become a beloved figure in homes around the world thanks to her bubbly personality and educational, interactive videos.

Inspired by her own journey with her 2-year-old son’s speech delay, Ms. Rachel began her YouTube channel as a way to help parents and young kids develop speech and language.

“Our educational videos for kids are informed by research and are full of learning standards that will help preschoolers thrive!” her YouTube bio reads. “Along with baby videos and toddlers videos, we have preschool videos for children. We also have music classes and teach sign language.”

Parents love Ms. Rachel’s videos not only for their positive impact on kids, but also for the effect they have on adults.

Her “Ms. Rachel for grown-ups” videos, which promote mental health and wellness for adults, have gained millions of views across TikTok.

“My son is watching you on tv learning sign language and I’m watching you here learning how to protect my mental health. Love you 💜” a user commented on one such video.

Because of her positive, uplifting persona and impactful, educational content, TikTokers were shocked to learn that Ms. Rachel could ever receive hate online — but many are supportive of her mental health break and thankful for the example she’s setting.

“I always feel so refreshed after a social break. You’re setting such a powerful example ❤️” one user wrote.

“Take care, Ms. Rachel. We appreciate all that you do and value your wellbeing. Here’s to peace!” another user wrote.

“Hate comments can cut so deep. You’re wonderful, take all the breaks you need,” commented another user.

Parents have also taken to the comments to express their deep love and appreciation for Ms. Rachel and her “Songs for Littles.”

“You are so loved ms Rachel you are our third parent in our home both my babies love you !” one user wrote.

“We love you Mrs Rachel, you are part of our family.❤️🙏🏾” commented another user.

“While you are on a break… remember how much everyone loves you. You have given parents a tool to teach our little ones to be the best they can be,” wrote another.

“I need to say that you are the reason my autistic daughter says the few words she does she was completely non verbal before we found your videos so From the bottom of my heart thank you for instilling these few words and helping my daughter, I will be forever grateful. I hope you’re okay ❤️” one user shared.

Since making her announcement, Ms. Rachel has followed up in the comments with this message: “Thanks for people who have been so kind, though! That has been noticed and so appreciated! 💓 I love you!”

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