Morning-Show Host Gags During Cringeworthy Bug-Eating Segment

On the popular British talk show This Morning, hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were confronted with some delicious delicacies in the form of worms and various insects. And while Schofield seemed to really enjoy this fine-dining experience, Willoughby nearly had to leave the studio.

Photo: ITV
Photo: ITV

Everything started off all right for Willoughby. The first dish just had some freeze-dried buffalo worms and mealworms, served alongside margaritas. Willoughby stayed away from the worms but gladly had one of the margaritas — that is, until Schofield put a worm in it.

The next dish contained crickets and locusts, as well as some chocolate-covered goodies. Kiran Jethwa, known as “the Fearless Chef,” tried to convince Willoughby that they were just chocolate-covered raisins, but she wasn’t having it. This is about the time Willoughby began to crack.

And then came the third dish. Among other things, this dish contained water bugs, which look like large cockroaches and were described as “meaty” and “chewy.” The water bug also made quite a crunch when he took a bite, causing Willoughby to gag and walk away. She briefly returned to the table, just long enough for Schofield to compare the taste of the water bug with that of blue cheese. Once again, Willoughby had to walk away while sounding as if she were going to vomit.

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