‘Morning Joe’ Suggests a Shocker for Biden’s State of the Union Message | Video

“Morning Joe” guest panelist George Conway is urging President Joe Biden to sharpen his messaging in the race against Trump, saying his State of the Union narrative should be … “Let’s be normal, America.”

Biden will address a Joint Session of Congress a the Capitol on Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET.

“He’s spoken little about the war in Gaza since the initial weeks of the conflict,” co-host Jonathan Lemire said. “I think that’ll change tonight as he tries to frame exactly what is going on there.”

Lemire continued saying, “We’ve seen the President, he’s been on the road a little more lately, talking to the media a little more. They know tonight is also a moment to try to show his vitality for the job.”

The co-host noted that there are a lot of questions about Biden’s age, including in the polls.

“I think tonight, certainly, he’ll draw contrasts with Donald Trump, whether or not he mentions him by name, but he also needs to make a positive case for the next four years,” Lemire continued. “That’s something Democrats say he hasn’t really done.”

Conway chimed in to say that Biden, “has to be empathetic, has to be himself.”

“I think at the end of the day, he doesn’t have to do a hard sell,” Conway added. “He does have to get out there. He just has to be normal.”

“The reason that’s all he has to do is Trump won in 2016 because Hillary was the issue. In 2020, Trump was the issue,” the guest panelist said. “2024, Trump will lose again because he will make himself the issue. He cannot help but make himself the issue.”

Conway argues that all Biden needs to do is distance himself from Trump and “just basically say, that guy is crazy.”

“He just has to say, the guy is nuts,” Conway continued. “Let’s be normal, America. That’s the theme of this campaign.”

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