Mookie Betts’ hilarious mic’d up reaction is exactly what MLB needs

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Spring training is almost over, which is something to be completely thrilled about. And to celebrate, Boston Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts gifted the world one of the most delightful and hilarious interview snippets you’ll see all season.

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Here’s the setup: the Red Sox were playing the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday, and Betts was mic’d up for an ESPN interview in the top of the third inning. Kris Bryant was batting with two outs and the bases clear, and the clip at the top of this post picks up just before things get interesting.

The moment that turned the interview from “fun” to “forever amazing” is Kris Bryant hitting a ball to right field. Once Bryant’s bat connected with the ball, Mookie let out a little “uh-oh” under his breath, and then he was off and running while the ball sailed over his head. But instead of leaving the ESPN crew in the lurch with his interview, he gave them an “I ain’t getting this one, boys” as he dashed away to grab the ball!

Mookie Betts cracked everyone up when he had to run for a ball during an in-game interview.
Mookie Betts cracked everyone up when he had to run for a ball during an in-game interview.

MLB needs so much more of this. They need to find more opportunities for players to be funny, natural, and totally real. In-game interviews are dicey when the games actually matter (unlike spring training), but if the bigwigs at MLB are looking for ways to get more people engaged with baseball, they need to start there.

Would you miss the game if you knew your favorite outfielder was going to be mic’d up for an inning or two, letting everyone hear his reactions every time a ball came screaming toward him? Nope! Better yet, just put mics on the players and let fans decide which one they want to hear in the field. Now that’s some can’t-miss baseball.

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