Mom’s hack for ‘mess-free’ pancakes eliminates sticky syrup issues: ‘So much better’

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Kids love to play with their food, especially if it’s sticky or gooey. While it might be adorable the first few times, the messy aftermath can be daunting. 

There’s no food more perfect for playtime than pancakes. The pieces of fruit, sweet little cakes and sticky syrup are basically a recipe for chaos during breakfast time. 

TikTok mom Z’Anni G came up with an easy fix to make mess-free pancakes without eliminating the maple syrup. 

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“Mess-free pancakes. Let me put y’all onto a pancake hack for the kiddies! All you have to do is add maple syrup to the pancakes while they’re cooking,” the mom wrote in a caption

While the pancakes were cooking on one side, she poured maple syrup onto the other. Then she flipped them again. And voila — pancakes with all the same maple goodness and none of the syrupy mess.

Parents appreciated Z’Anni’s advice. Some were even surprised they hadn’t thought of the simple solution themselves already. 

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“Yes! My baby hates sticky stuff so this will be a game-changer,” one person said

“I do this for my daughter and it’s just so much better,” another said

“How did I never think of this? Genius!” a user commented

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