Mom’s ‘cash-stuffing’ envelopes is a brilliant budgeting hack for payday

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This money-mastering mom on TikTok went viral for her brilliant budgeting hack that is truly a hands-on approach to saving money.

Managing money is serious business. But budgeting doesn’t have to be boring. And no one knows this better than TikTok user and money-managing master Gloria of Lola Budgets (@gloriaaa_mc), who shared a simple hack that puts the “fun” in funds.

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In the video, which has almost 4 million views, Gloria shows how she uses a “Budget Binder” to allocate a portion of cash from each paycheck into various savings categories.

Gloria sorts the money into transparent envelopes contained in a cute, compact binder. Each savings category receives a designated envelope with its name inscribed in rhinestones and glitter.

When payday rolls around, Gloria deducts a portion of her paycheck in cash in the savings categories, and leaves the rest in the bank. Starting with a base amount of $1275, Gloria literally breaks down her monthly savings budget, with each category getting different amounts.

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Watching Gloria fold and sort each crisp bill is like financial ASMR. The final shot where she flips through the neatly stacked envelopes of accumulated cash fully illustrates how satisfying and hands-on this approach to managing money really is.

Viewers were impressed with Gloria’s budget binder hack. “I love this!” commented one user. “Omg, this is amazing. I so need to do this!” gushed another.

It’s never too early to learn the value of a dollar. Knowing how to manage finances can increase self-efficiency and boost confidence. And Gloria’s hack is an excellent way to understand your budget. You can literally see where your money is going!

Money management can definitely be overwhelming, but tips like this help keep it simple and even fun!

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