Mom’s car wash activity provides little ones with ‘1 hour of toddler fun’

This parent on TikTok shared a creative activity where kids can paint with toy cars before washing them off at a mini “car wash,” and viewers are loving the clever craft.

TikToker Melinda Sutherland (@_melsuth) is a parent and content creator based in Canada who posts clips of adventures with her husband and their twin boys, in addition to the occasional parenting tip and trick. One of Sutherland’s videos features a fun 1-hour activity where toddlers can paint with toy cars and then send them off to a mini car wash for a cleaning, and parents and educators are loving this fun project idea that has a cleanup component.

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The clip opens with a shot of Sutherland’s twin sons donning matching pajamas with bulldozers printed on them. The boys stand overlooking a long white sheet of paper on the dining room table, totally immersed in painting with their toy monster trucks.

“This activity took up an hour of our morning,” Sutherland’s VO says over the footage of her twins happily occupied, rolling the paint-covered wheels of their toy monster trucks over the paper.

“We extended [the activity] by doing a car wash,” Sutherland explains in the following shot of her twins sitting on a towel and washing their toy trucks in two metal bowls filled with soapy water as the video ends.

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Viewers took to the comments to share their love for Sutherland’s fun and simple painting project.

“[I’m] doing this with my preschool class. THANK YOU,” shared one enthusiastic educator.

“Good job with the artwork,” complimented one TikToker, while another viewer echoed the sentiment with a series of heart emojis.

If you’re looking for an easy and entertaining activity to keep your little ones occupied for an hour, Sutherland’s toy car painting craft is definitely worth a try!

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