‘Modern Family’ Season Finale: The Boys Are All Grown Up

It was graduation time on the season finale of Modern Family. As Manny and Luke prepared for the big day, their parents were coping with the milestone in their own way.

Manny’s real father came in for a visit and ended up getting Manny drunk and taking him to a strip club the day before graduation. While there, Manny left his cap, gown, and honorary sash. When Jay found out about the incident, he took his stepson back to the strip club and retrieved the graduation attire.

Meanwhile, Phil and Claire were having a lot of trouble dealing with their son’s accomplishment. Phil was a crying disaster, and Claire decided to befriend a small boy to replace Luke. In fact, Gloria had to step in and rescue the boy as Claire played with him in a ball pit. Claire had trouble letting the boy go, primarily because he smelled like little boy. But Gloria pointed out, “You’re, like, two sniffs away from a felony.”

The graduation ceremony went off without a hitch, and all the parents could not have been prouder.

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