MMA mom slaps her son in the cage after humiliating loss

MMA fighter Viktor Kichigin’s mother was not in a caring mood after his loss to Ruslan Yamanbaev.

While MMA fighters carry a lot of mutual respect for each other, they share a sport of glory and humiliation. On Thursday night against Ruslan Yamanbaev, Russian Viktor Kichigin was on the receiving end of a bloody ground-and-pound that left him defeated and dejected at Fight Nights Global 67.

If that wasn’t enough, Kichigin had the misfortune of being trained by his mother, who spent the fight screaming in vain from the side of the cage. The embarrassment was complete when mom entered the cage to conduct a very forthright familial debrief, initially cleaning the bloody mess from her son’s face after a loss that moved the featherweight’s professional record to 10-5.

Adding insult to injury, Mom Kichigin disciplined her already battered soon with an improbable pair of strong slaps to the face.

(Warning: NSFW below)

Kichigin didn’t take too kindly to the extra serving of punishment at the hands of his mother and stormed out of the cage, off to lock himself in his bedroom perhaps.

One can only imagine the fear that tears through Kichigin on Mother’s Day when he discovers the only shop left open has sold out of flowers.

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