This Mk4 Toyota Supra Has 388,000 Miles On It and You Can Do the Next 388,000

1993 toyota supra 388,000 miles front three quarter
Buy This 388k-Mile Supra and Do the Next 388KBring a Trailer

Seeing a high-mileage Toyota from the 1990s for sale isn’t exactly a rare occurrence. That said, it isn’t too often that you see the brand’s halo sports car from that era with a ton of miles piled onto the odometer. This Mk4 Supra offered for sale by Bring a Trailer has covered more than 388,000 miles since new, and now you have a chance to add a few hundred thousand more.

This particular car was purchased in-period by an appraisal business in Florida, where it served as a company car making runs across the country. A Supra might seem like an odd choice for such an endeavor, but the car’s GT roots and potent powertrain make it a well-suited highway cruiser. It appears the original owners agreed with that sentiment, as the car has traveled some 150,000 miles further than the distance to the moon.

According to the listing, the car did receive a respray in the early Aughts, but there are some blemishes throughout. There’s a bit of clear coat missing where the hood meets the right fender, while some rock chips tell the tale of this car’s journey. There’s also a bit of rust to contend with, including a fairly large hole in the body near the rear hatch. There is also rust present on the underside of the rear hatch. The original taillights were also removed due to being foggy, but they will be included in the purchase of the car.

1993 toyota supra 2jz
Bring a Trailer

Under the hood of this Supra sits the legendary twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE inline-six engine. As with many of these cars, this particular Supra has had some modifications made in the name of performance. An HKS Twin Power ignition module, HKS camshaft gears, a Greddy Profec B II boost controller, an aftermarket blow-off valve, and a Greddy cat-back exhaust system round out the powertrain mods. The engine itself was rebuilt at 250,000 miles, and has received a fresh set of spark plugs ahead of the sale. Backing up that motor sits a six-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential.

The interior is as you’d expect for a 388,000-mile car, in that it has seen much better days. The owner’s estate did replace the shift knob, steering wheel, and center console for the next owner, however. You will likely need to address the busted steering rack, which is currently leaking fluid. While it’s not a perfect example of the highly desirable sports car, this is hardly the worst example around. Of course you’re gonna have to pay up for any Mk4 Supra these days, and this high-mile car is no exception. Bidding is currently sitting at $48,000 with just a day left to go.

1993 toyota supra rear three quarter
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