Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon photobomb unsuspecting 'Voice' fans

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The Voice judge Miley Cyrus and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon surprised Voice fans by photobombing them.

Unsuspecting fans thought they were just getting their photos taken while sitting in a judge’s chair. What they didn’t know was behind them Fallon and Cyrus were conspiring to photobomb them.

The two celebrities did silly things like share a sandwich and wear oversized hats behind the fans before making their presence known.

The funniest part was that most of the fans were so shocked to initially see one of the stars that they often didn’t realize there were two stars in their midst until a few seconds went by. This made for even funnier encore reactions.

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Watch as Miley Cyrus tries to out-country Blake Shelton on The Voice:

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