Miguel Rojas hit a bat-flipping homer off his very young son

<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/9726/" data-ylk="slk:Miguel Rojas">Miguel Rojas</a> flipped his bat after hitting a homer… off of his young son. (Twitter/@MRojasOfficial)
Miguel Rojas flipped his bat after hitting a homer… off of his young son. (Twitter/@MRojasOfficial)

For a baseball player, having a long rehab time for an injury can be tough. His team is out there playing games, and he’s at home waiting for his body to heal. Miami Marlins infielder Miguel Rojas is in the middle of this experience right now. He’s on the 60-day disabled list after breaking his thumb in early May, and won’t be back until the All-Star break.

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Rojas has been on the DL for less than a month, but he’s already desperate to do some kind of baseball activity. How desperate? Desperate enough to hit a one-handed bat-flipping home run on a pitch thrown by his toddler son.

That is eight seconds of pure amazingness. Rojas, with a cast on his right thumb, prompted his son to toss him a ball, and then used a plastic kid’s bat to hit a one-handed blast off of his son’s “pitch.” The kid should get some credit for being able to toss the ball so his dad could hit it, but the only one celebrating was Rojas, who flipped his bat to high heaven.

The bat flip is pretty great, but the best thing about this video is that Rojas straight-up taunts his baby son about the enormous blast he just hit, and the kid has absolutely no idea what’s going on. We need another two or three seconds of that video, just so we can see if the kid started to cry or if he picked up the bat and went after his dad for taunting him when he was trying to help.

If Rojas’ Marlins teammates are looking for a get well gift for him, allow me to suggest that give him a pitching machine. Or maybe he just needs a hobby. If a guy is so bored that he’s hitting homers off his toddler, he might want to think about taking up woodworking or stamp collecting or bird watching.

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