Michael Strahan Drinks Gross Concoction on ‘The Tonight Show’

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On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Michael Strahan stopped by to play Drinko, a game where you mix two gross things together and drink them.

The game is simple — you drop a chip down through a maze, and whatever cup of grossness your chip lands in, you combine with the second cup of grossness that your chip lands in.

The multicolored Solo cups were filled with sake, maple syrup, frosé, jalapeno juice, bone broth, melted ice cream, Margaritas, Scope, prune juice, suntan smoothie, Goldschlager, and “blood” (in honor of the musical guest, Slayer).

Strahan’s first chip landed in prune juice, and — unfortunately for someone who doesn’t like hot stuff, — the second ingredient was jalapeno juice. Fallon was kind enough to mix the two ingredients into his champagne flute, and although Fallon said he only had to take a sip, Strahan was committed. “If I’m in, I go all the way,” he said.

And even though one could probably describe the flavor a multitude of ways, when asked, Strahan kept it simple. “Ass,” he said. “Not that I know what that tastes like!”

Michael Strahan is a former NFL player and the host of The $100,000 Pyramid on ABC.

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