Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Hospitalized After First Round of Chemo: 'Can Barely Walk'

“This is the worst fever I think I’ve had,” the 19-year-old said after being hospitalized twice and needing an unexpected surgery

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella Strahan is sharing the difficult recovery following her first round of chemotherapy for her brain tumor.

On Tuesday, the 19-year-old student and model posted the 11th installment of her YouTube series, where she's been sharing her health journey after having emergency surgery in October to remove a large medulloblastoma — a type of malignant tumor — in her cerebellum.

In the vlog, Isabella shared that she ended up in the hospital after coming down with a fever, adding that she’s been there for three days already.

“I’ve just been getting a lot of fevers. If you get a fever of 100.4 you have to come in,” she said.

While at the hospital, Isabella underwent her first blood transfusion and had an MRI of her eyes, calling herself the “MRI queen.”

She then had her chemo port cleaned — which she said was “really painful” — before being able to head home. “Get me outta here!” she wrote over the video.

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<p>Isabella Strahan</p> Isabella Strahan

Isabella Strahan

Isabella Strahan

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However, just hours later, Isabella ended up back in the hospital.

“I catfished everyone. We left the hospital after three or four days and now we’re back less than 12 hours later because I have a fever again,” she said. “I got a fever of 102 and had to come back in. So we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong but no one can find out what’s wrong.”

“This is the worst fever I think I’ve had,” she explained. “I don’t feel as horrible as I did the first time. I just have a really bad headache so I thought nothing of it and now we’re in the ER.”

“I don’t feel great. I don’t feel horrible,” Isabella admitted. “I’ve felt worse but I don’t feel good. I feel like I can barely walk now.” Her father's girlfriend Kayla Quick then pointed out that she was easily walking laps through the hospital two days ago before Isabella added, “It’s really declined.”

The model ended the vlog by sharing a glimpse of her heading into an unexpected surgery to drain fluid from the back of her head. “I’ll be under anesthesia but not what I planned to do because I didn’t plan on coming back to the hospital,” Isabella said.

<p>Isabella Strahan</p> Isabella Strahan

Isabella Strahan

Isabella Strahan

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Last month, Michael Strahan opened up about his daughter’s latest setback. The Good Morning America co-host, 52, said on air that Isabella was “fighting through” her treatment after she landed back in the hospital.

"The last three days have been a little rough because she had a fever that kind of comes and goes," he explained. "I had to take her to the hospital and thought she'd come home a few hours later... It's been three days, but hopefully she'll be home today."

Although Isabella has been dealing with the symptoms of chemo, Strahan said his daughter hasn’t faced anything that wasn’t “expected” by them both. He added that he’s doing as well as he can despite watching her go through these difficult moments.

"It is tough to see her go through it, but I know she's a tough young lady and she's going to make it through it," he said at the time.

Strahan said it’s been helpful for Isabella to document her journey in her YouTube series, which she started to benefit Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center.

"I think, for her, so many people have reached out and said, 'I'm glad you're doing this,' 'Thank you for doing this,' 'This has really helped us,' and all that support that she is getting from people she doesn't know, on top of people that she does know, has kept her in a very positive space," he said. "So thank you to everybody."

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