Michael Jordan, Pitbull the latest names to enter Marlins bidding saga

<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/ncaaf/players/263612/" data-ylk="slk:Michael Jordan">Michael Jordan</a> has teamed up with Derek Jeter for the Marlins. (AP Photo)
Michael Jordan has teamed up with Derek Jeter for the Marlins. (AP Photo)

As Jeffrey Loria inches closer to selling the Miami Marlins, the names involved in the bidding continued to get even more unbelievable. Legendary Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan and … uh … legendary singer/songwriter Pitbull are the latest celebrities to throw their names in the ring.

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The Marlins bidding war is already confusing, and Jordan and Pitbull aren’t going to make things any easier. The two haven’t joined forces to create a last-minute fourth contender. They’ve given up their names, and some of their cash, to help the other groups involved.

Jordan is one of many investors to join a group led by Derek Jeter. Jeter is considered to be the favorite for the franchise, and has promised the highest bid, but needs time to secure funds. Jordan will help there, though it’s not believed he’s putting up a lot of cash, according to the New York Post.

Pitbull will join a rival group led by Tagg Romney, son of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to the Miami Herald. Hall-of-Fame Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine is also part of that group, which now also includes former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Bush, you may remember, was initially partners with Jeter before leaving after reportedly having a power struggle regarding his role on the team. In a move straight out of the WWE playbook, Bush joined forces with Jeter’s biggest rival a few weeks later.

Oh, there’s also a third group still involved in the bidding led by Miami businessman Jorge Mas. Mas’ team may not boast star power, but he’s very much a candidate to be the next owner.

Conflicting reports over which group will win the team have emerged over the past couple days. The New York Post believes Jeter’s group is closing in on the Marlins. Forbes says the team will be owned by Mas barring something crazy happening.

At this point, it seems pretty safe to say something crazy has happened, no?

To recap — and we swear this is somehow absolutely real — Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter have teamed up to take down Tagg Romney, Tom Glavine, Jeb Bush and Pitbull for the Marlins. While those two groups duke it out, Jorge Mas may swoop in and take the team for himself.

In any athletic feat, we’ll lean toward the side with Jeter and Jordan. In this, it’s pretty clear no one really knows who has the edge right now.

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