Mets clubhouse prank goes wrong after awkward photo hits Twitter

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Well, this is awkward.

Mere moments after the Mets completed an 8-7 win against the Marlins at Citi Field on Friday night, the team’s Twitter account continued its tradition of showing the player of the game wearing his crown in the clubhouse. In this instance, the player was T.J. Rivera.

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Unfortunately, the social media crew failed to notice there was a sex toy prominently displayed in the locker of catcher Kevin Plawecki, which was apparently placed there as part of a clubhouse prank.

Naturally, the tweet was deleted once the Mets were made aware of the awkward situation. But several savvy Twitter users captured screen shots.

For the sake of our younger readers, we’ll only show this digitally altered photo.

The original photo tweeted by the Mets. (Mets on Twitter)
The original photo tweeted by the Mets. (Mets on Twitter)

If you need to see original photo bad enough we’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding it.

Here’s the kicker though. If the Mets wanted people to forget about the original photo, they had an odd way of going about it. Rather than snapping a new photo or just moving on, they instead posted a cropped version of the same photo.

The Mets second and almost as awkward photo. (Mets)
The Mets second and almost as awkward photo. (Mets)

Within seconds, the responses were dominated by people still wanting to talk about the original photo. So finally the Mets called the whole thing off and deleted that photo as well.

This is actually the second incident involving a sex toy at a sporting event over the past few months. The other took place during a Patriots-Bills game in Buffalo last October. The object was thrown on the field by a fan and was in clear view on the television broadcast until a referee was able to dispose of it.

We can’t blame a fan for what happened in the Mets clubhouse though. We can’t blame Plawecki either, though he was certainly a good sport about it.

“There’s some pranksters on this team,” Plawecki said before Saturday’s game. “Honestly, I don’t really know how to handle this one. This is kind of unbelievable.

“What can you do? Just got to laugh this one off.”

We’re guessing the Mets social media staff isn’t finding much humor in it. The judgment here is questionable at best, and the lack of awareness is something well beyond that. The results of which did not reflect all that well on the Mets.

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