‘How I Met Your Father’ With Hilary Duff Canceled at Hulu

Hulu has canceled “How I Met Your Father” starring Hilary Duff, after two seasons, TheWrap has learned.

At the end of the second and now final season, Duff’s character revealed who the father of her child was. The finale landed July 11.

Kim Cattrall, who recently reunited with her “Sex and the City” castmates in a cameo during the Season 2 finale of “And Just Like That,” “How I Met Your Father” narrates the spin-off series as the 58-year-old version of Sophie, portrayed in the flashback plot by Duff. Sophie tells her son how she met his father, taking viewers all the way back to the beginning with her younger self navigating love, life and becoming alongside her friend group.

Kim Cattrall in “How I Met Your Father” (Patrick Wymore/Hulu)

In addition to Duff, the Hulu comedy starred Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tien Tran, Tom Ainsley and Suraj Sharma. Josh Peck,, Daniel Augustin and Ashley Reyes appeared in recurring roles.

Former “This Is Us” showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger created “How I Met Your Father. Berger executive produced alongside Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, “How I Met Your Mother” creators as well as Pamela Fryman, “How I Met Your Mother” director. Additional executive producers include Adam Londy and Suzy Mamann Greenberg. Hilary Duff produced in addition to starring.

The first season of “How I Met Your Father” made its linear TV debut on Freeform earlier this year. On April 25, the first two episodes, “Pilot” and “Fomo” kicked off the Freeform streak, which ended with the Season 1 finale titled “Timing Is Everything” on May 23.

Neil Patrick Harris, who helmed “How I Met Your Mother,” made a brief cameo in Season 2, which Duff emphasized as “such a big deal.”

“They only handed out certain scripts with his scene in it, and the other ones [had] missing pages or just didn’t make sense in the context of like, going from this to that,” Duff told TheWrap. “It was a big, big, big, big deal – and I felt very nervous and excited.”

Harris returned in the Hulu series mid-season finale as Barney, an unassuming driver who Duff’s Sophie rear-ends. This adds to Sophie’s plate, as she is already stressed that she might be dating her father because her boyfriend (John Corbett) attended the same music festival where she was conceived. Once Sophie and Barney get out of their cars following the crash, instead of being angry, Barney begins reciting a prewritten apology for being a “serial womanizer” in recovery.

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