Meme artist builds 3,000-pound concrete tomb to store bag of Cheetos for 'future civilizations': 'Astounding'

A man spent over $1,000 to create a tomb with a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos inside for “future civilizations to find.”

TikToker and meme artist @sunday.nobody stunned followers when he undertook the laborious effort to make a concrete sarcophagus. The 3,000-pound tomb was designed to store the only thing future civilizations might be interested in: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The creator welded rebar and molded concrete to make the base of the tomb. The process alone took weeks. Next, he used a laser printer to engrave the ingredients for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos onto the surface of the tomb.

To preserve the bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos inside for future generations, he cast it in resin. He also used wires to suspend the block of resin within the tomb so that, in case of an earthquake, it wouldn’t have “seismic damage.”

Before hermetically sealing the tomb, he used a laser to disinfect the inside of any bacteria. Then, he buried the tomb in a massive hole.

“Historical artifact buried below. Do not open for 10,000 years. Year buried 2022,” the plaque at the burial site read.

The artist spent $400 on concrete, $100 on rebar, $300 on wood, $180 on epoxy, $170 on rental equipment and about $100 on other necessities. In total, it cost @sunday.nobody about $1,100 and a lot of time.

The art project racked up over 10.9 million views on TikTok.

“This might be the best way to describe our generation,” a user said.

“I’m so mad that I’m not gonna be here in 10,000 years for the update,” someone wrote.

“My man is starting a religion in the future,” another commented.

“I wonder if ancient ppl played pranks on us like this?” a TikToker replied.

“The dedication to this project is astounding,” a person added.

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