Melbourne Speed Shop Hit by Daring Heist: $160,000 in Custom Engines Stolen

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That was unexpected.

In a daring early morning heist, a speed shop in Melbourne's western suburb of Ravenhall fell victim to a well-coordinated theft. Thieves made off with three custom-built, high-performance engines valued at a staggering $160,000, leaving the automotive community in shock.

The theft occurred around 5:00 AM on November 9, when three men, operating three separate vehicles, targeted the speed shop. One of the culprits used a stolen Nissan Navara ute to ram through the gates and security door of the workshop, creating an entry point for the brazen robbery.

Once inside, the trio swiftly loaded the three engines into two of their vehicles and made a quick escape, abandoning the Navara at the scene. The stolen engines were not just any off-the-shelf items; they were custom creations by MotorLab, a renowned speed shop known for its bespoke and standout engine builds.

The unique nature of these engines, each carefully assembled to be distinct from others, adds a layer of complexity to the theft. MotorLab took to Facebook to alert the community, requesting vigilance and assistance in spotting the engines or any related sales. Their plea underscores the distinctiveness of the stolen items, which are not easily replaceable and hold significant value to their customers.

The loss is not just monetary for MotorLab; it's a blow to their craftsmanship and dedication to creating one-of-a-kind engines for enthusiasts. The heist, executed with precision and audacity, has left the shop and its clientele reeling, turning a place of automotive passion into a crime scene.

As the local police investigate the incident, the automotive community bands together, hoping for the recovery of these unique engines. This incident is a stark reminder of the value and vulnerability of bespoke automotive creations in today’s world.

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