Melania Trump gets backlash after telling kids not to 'copy somebody' during school visit

Melania Trump on Monday chatted with students at a Michigan middle school about social isolation and inclusion as part of her anti-bullying agenda, which she has previously said will be a focus of hers as the first lady.

“Don’t try to copy somebody,” Trump said, according to the event's pool report, in a sidebar discussion with a small group of children. The first lady is presumed to be advising children to not succumb to peer pressure since she also added: “No drugs. No cigarettes.”

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But the slight remark, however, later picked up steam after appearing in the New York Times' coverage of the visit and has since raised some eyebrows.

Folks on Twitter, particularly, found irony in the first lady's instructions, noting a previous speech she gave at the 2016 Republican convention that turned out to be partially lifted from a speech Michelle Obama delivered several years prior.

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“Sounds familiar oh that’s right, she plagiarized Michelle Obama” one person wrote, while another tweeted: “Umm, could you excuse me for a sec?”

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