‘Melania Trump’ Chats With Stephen Colbert About Moving Into the White House

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On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert talked to the newest resident of the White House, Melania Trump. In the satirical piece, “Melania Trump” told Colbert that her excuses for not moving to the White House had run out and said, “No reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t be in the White House. You could look for an excuse, but trust me, you will not find one.”

But she explained that she, like the country, made a commitment to President Trump. “Donald Trump is our president, for better or worse, for richer or even richer, in sickness and in no health care. And we must honor that. No matter how often America fantasizes about being with Justin Trudeau.”

And though she didn’t exactly seem happy to leave her apartment in New York, she said, “We make the best of it, and you’ll find in your greatest moments of doubt, you can always drink.”

She added while swigging wine, “Make America grape again!”

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