Meghan McCain calls a possible Trump vs. Sanders race 'the oldest, whitest extremist battling the other oldest, whitest extremist'

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Meghan McCain has a message for Democrats: Get your message straight.

The View co-host weighed in on the news that presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders has experienced a surge of support in recent weeks, and may have a chance at winning the upcoming New Hampshire primary — things McCain finds surprising, considering how Democrats have spoken about what they want in a possible candidate.

“The thing I don’t understand is — I have heard from the last four years on the Left — ‘identity politics is the worst. We can’t have any old, white men.’ You have the oldest, whitest, extremist battling the other oldest, whitest, extremist!” said McCain, comparing President Trump to Sanders.

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She added, “This, logically, is not going to win over the middle of the country.”

Viewers took to Twitter with their reactions to McCain’s assessment of Sanders, and some said they agreed that Sanders is closer in style to President Trump than many many think:

But others said they think Sanders doesn’t deserve the harsh criticism:

Watch Meghan McCain call Whoopi Goldberg “dismissive” during tense conversation about Mitt Romney:

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