Megan Thee Stallion Miraculously Makes a Ponytail Under a Beanie Look Amazing

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It's been a week since I had a public meltdown over how Megan Thee Stallion wears her hair to the gym. While I was still wearing the messy, uncomfortably tight topknot I'd worn to pilates that morning, I simultaneously gushed with jealousy over how incredibly bouncy her long, loose curls looked as she did an intense full-body workout and lamented how overheated she must have felt wearing her hair down while doing both cardio and strength training. And I'm not saying that the “Cobra” rapper reads my Allure articles (if you do, hi, Meg!) but it does seem that she took her literally and figuratively hot gym hair look to a new level since last week.

On Monday, November 20, Megan posted a new carousel of gym photos to her Instagram grid in which she's wearing a super cute fitness ‘fit in shades of green. Like last week, her loose curls are flowing down to her waist. But for this particular round of exercises, she changed it up in an even more mind-boggling way.

Meg's hair appears to be pulled into a low ponytail, immediately making me stress out about how it must be sticking to her neck. But even more impressive than her tolerance is the fact that she made a ponytail look so damn cute under a knit beanie. This is literally one of the most challenging looks one can try to pull off during colder months, and Megan makes it seem easy at the gym, of all places.

And can we please talk about how a ribbed, sweater-like beanie must make her workout feel even more sweltering? It's the Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Chunky Ears Beanie, which is mostly lambswool. Oof. I can't imagine wearing it to the gym, but if this is the beanie that makes under-beanie ponytails look awesome, sign me up.

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