Megan Thee Stallion’s Fang Nails Are Just as Sexy as They Are Scary

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In the music video for her song “Cobra,” which dropped in November 2023, Megan Thee Stallion kicks off her new era by crawling out of a snake's jaws. The rapper has embraced the snake motif for the latest chapter in her career to represent rebirth. “Like a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again," she says in the video. Snakes aren't just a central theme in her artistry — they're also the inspiration behind her latest manicure.

Megan gave us a glimpse at her snakelike nails in a teaser video for her forthcoming birthday photoshoot, but now we get to see them in all their scary yet sexy glory in a handful of close-up shots. “I’ve really been into my new fang nails lately,” the “Hiss” rapper wrote on Instagram. Her nails, created by her go-to nail artist Coca Michelle, are reminiscent of a serpent's fangs with dramatic, razor-sharp points.

The nails themselves are thicker at the base and nearly translucent in color, looking as though she literally placed a snake fang directly atop her fingernails. She's worn them in a few incarnations as of late, including a more neutral set with lots of shine, one with subtle hint of reddish color at the base of her nail, and another with a slightly darker brown tip. I happen to be terrified of snakes, but I can't stop staring at these nails despite my fear, they're that cool.

The fang nails are yet another installment in Megan and Coca Michelle's manicure hall of fame, a collection that includes a plethora of true artistry. The duo are constantly whipping up jaw-dropping nail art, like the set with snake-print fabric inside them that Megan wore to the 2023 MTV VMAs, her golden Schiaparelli nails, the LED light-up set for a trip to Japan, and the Nintendo World set from spring 2023. “My nail tech can do anything I ask,” Megan once said of Michelle's otherworldly talents, and after seeing these literal fang fingernails, we believe her.

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