Matthew Perry posted about Batman on Instagram 7 times before his death. Here are his connections to the superhero.

Matthew Perry posted about Batman on Instagram 7 times before his death. Here are his connections to the superhero.
  • In the week leading up to his death on Saturday, Matthew Perry posted to Instagram seven times.

  • Each post referenced Batman, and in some he referred to himself as "Mattman."

  • Perry was a fan of the superhero, referencing him in interviews. He also had a "Batcave" in his home.

On Saturday, actor Matthew Perry was found dead at his Los Angeles home. Per the Los Angeles Times, police found the 54-year-old actor unresponsive in his hot tub around 4 p.m. While no cause of death was cited, law enforcement sources told the Times there was no indication of foul play.

In the week leading up to his death, Perry posted to Instagram seven times, referencing Batman in every post.

Perry was a known fan of the DC superhero and even had a "Batcave" in his Los Angeles home. Here are all the late actor's connections to the character.

Perry made seven references to Batman before his death on Saturday.

In his last Instagram post on October 23, Perry is sitting in a hot tub wearing headphones.

"Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I'm Mattman," the post's caption read.

Other posts included a photo of a pumpkin with the Bat signal carved into it, red lights in the shape of the emblem, and a sign that reads "Batman plays pickleball."

In another video, someone's hand is seen placing what appears to be three grapes onto a table. There's no audio with the footage, but the caption reads: "This is what I've had to eat today. I'm Mattman."

Perry didn't give any explanation for the series of posts.

In the last line in his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," Perry writes: "What would Batman do?"

The final pages of Matthew Perry's memoir.
The final pages of Matthew Perry's memoir.@issyhawkins_/TikTok

A TikTok posted Sunday morning by user Issy Hawkins with over 38,000 likes shows the final pages of Perry's 2022 memoir.

In the book, he writes that the "one thing" he got right was that he "never gave up."

"And because of that, I stand tall now, ready for whatever comes next," he continues.

"Someday you, too, might be called upon to do something important, so be ready for it. And when whatever happens, just think, 'What would Batman do?' and do that," Perry wrote.

In 2017, he told Jimmy Kimmel he had a Batcave in his house.

In an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Perry revealed he had a "Batcave" filled with Batman memorabilia.

During the segment, Kimmel reveals that one of the show's "prop guys" made Perry a Batman plaque. The plaque is a model of Perry wearing a Batman mask — with the title "Mattman" engraved beneath it.

"Mattman, meaning you," Kimmel says.

In his memoir and in interviews, Perry said alcoholism was like the Joker.


In an interview for "Q with Tom Power" in November 2022, Perry said that alcoholism "didn't care" about his success.

"Alcoholism did not care that I was on 'Friends,'" he said. "Alcoholism wants you alone; it wants you sick; and then it wants to kill you."

"In my book, I compare it to the Joker," Perry continued. "Because the Joker just wants to see the whole world burn, and so does alcoholism and addiction."

In October 2022, Perry told GQ "I am Batman."

matthew perry
Matthew Perry compared himself to Batman, another "rich loner."Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"I am Batman," Perry told the outlet.

"Well, he's a rich loner," he explained. "We both drive black, cool cars. I don't solve crime, but I've saved people's lives."

In the same interview, Perry also revealed that he purchased one of his previous homes — a 10,400-square-foot penthouse in Los Angeles — because it resembled Christian Bale's apartment in "The Dark Knight."

"Bruce Wayne had a penthouse—I'm going to have one," he said.



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