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Which Chicago Fire-fighter will pull off a vanishing act? When will FBI: International roll out its Tank again? What overdue upgrade are the All American shows getting? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

Can you reveal anything about the upcoming Chicago Fire storyline surrounding Kelly Severide going missing, along with a rig, in the middle of the night? —Amaani
Showrunner Andrea Newman described this season’s 11th episode as a “self-contained thriller” that “starts with a shock — Kidd walks out to the apparatus floor in the middle of the night to see one of the rigs is missing, and Severide’s phone sits alone on the squad table. No one else is in sight. What the hell is going on?” One thing is for sure as this mystery unfolds, says Newman: “Stella Kidd is a warrior on a mission to find out” what happened.

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Is there going to be a Season 2 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live? –Goldie
As yet, there has been no official word from AMC that the “limited” part of the “limited series” will be removed. But Sunday’s finale certainly leaves the door open for a continuation of the story. Whether this really is the end-the end, we suspect longtime fans of the franchise will find it extremely moving. (Keep those tissues handy, folks.) Additionally, the ep is peppered with several mini-montages of memorable moments involving Rick and/or Michonne from over the years.

Fire Country Spinoff Sheriff Photos
Fire Country Spinoff Sheriff Photos

Is that Alberto Frezza (Ryan from Station 19) standing behind Morena Baccarin in the Fire Country “spinoff” photos? If so, I love that casting!! —Margaret
Good eye! Yes, I have confirmed that Frezza guest-stars in the April 12 episode that introduces Baccarin’s Mickey Fox.

Any scoop on Fire Country? –Deborah
‘Member the cliffhanger the CBS hit left off with before March Madness, involving the crashed ambo that had Bode (in handcuffs, I’ll remind you), Cara and Diego inside? Well, the next new episode — airing April 5 and featuring a “fire tornado”! — takes that crisis and runs with it in the most bananas and soaptastic of ways. The intense situation inside the ambulance alone is pretty brilliantly staged, but there’s also high drama going on elsewhere, involving Gabriela, Sharon, Eve and others. Very fun stuff.

Any scoop on Jordan and Layla’s relationship on All American? –Adriana
All American‘s sixth season (premiering Monday, April 1) picks up after a time jump of [REDACTED], and we can tell you this after screening the premiere: After Jordan’s failed engagement to Simone, he appears to be taking wedding planning much more slowly this time around.

The CW’s All American and its spinoff All American: Homecoming are currently the only two remaining scripted programs on American broadcast television that still use all-uppercase closed captioning, as opposed to everyone else using mixed-case, or sentence-case, closed captioning. Do you know if the closed-captioning for them will ever get changed? –Jim
As a matter of fact, Jim, a CW rep tells me that both All American (starting with Episode 5 of the new season) and Homecoming will be changing their closed-caption format for upcoming episodes. (No, I don’t know if the past seasons on Netflix will be upgraded.)

Longtime reader, first-time asker. There have now been two seasons of a Total Drama Island revival that have aired in Europe, but not in the U.S. Any word on when we’ll be able to watch them in the States? –Daniel
I diligently asked around on your behalf, Daniel, only to find out there is nothing to report at this time.

Any news on if Grey’s Anatomy‘s Levi will be getting a love interest this year? –G.R.
Though showrunner Meg Marinis wouldn’t come out and say yes or no, she did tell TVLine, “We’re always interested in Levi’s romantic life.” Just last Thursday, he caught the eye of handsome patient Dante. Jake Borelli’s character “is beloved and has come a long way from being Glasses,” adds the EP. So even if he’s still available when old flame Nico (the returning Alex Landi) scrubs back in, he may hardly recognize his ex.

Will ABC or Grey’s Anatomy be doing anything like an anniversary show, returning character or big event to celebrate the show’s landmark 20th season? –Nielsen
Not as such, showrunner Meg Marinis tells TVLine. However, “the season itself celebrates the history of the show in a way. This is Season 20, and we’re celebrating that with the stories that we’re telling.”

Any information on the Netflix show FUBAR? –Jay
Only what Arnold Schwarzenegger shared in his latest fan newsletter thing, that filming on Season 2 begins “next month.”

Where is Lucy’s roommate, Tamara, on The Rookie? She was last seen in episode 20 of Season 5, but so far hasn’t appear in Season 6 yet. Will we see her this season? –Steve
Tamara (played by Dylan Conrique) returneth next week!

The Rookie question: Are we going to find out Baby Lopez’s name this season? –Nataliya
If we do, it wouldn’t be until very late in the season, I hear — if it is revealed this season at all.

Are we going to see more of Diane Lewis this season on Station 19? –TPB
TVLine put that very question to showrunners Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack. The answer? “Pass,” Paige said with a laugh. We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess that that means our protagonists have had their last session with Tracie Thoms’ recurring counselor.

Am I overthinking the face NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Kate made (screencapped above) when Lucy brushed off her interest in meeting her family and suggested they just “stick to the basics”…? I’m worried their relationship is due for a hiccup. –Claire
I caught that, too — and Yasmine Al-Bustami said we’d be “correct” to read it as frustration Kate is feeling. “God bless her patience,” said Lucy’s portrayer, “because I know if I were in that situation I would be so frustrated that Lucy is not opening up to me. She wants more of that, me, Yas, wants more of that, and I think the audience wants more of that, so I hope that we get more. Maybe someone else will do a background check on her. [Laughs] Maybe Kate will! Who knows? We shall see. But yes, that would be a very valid thing for Kate to feel.”

Will we meet Heather Boone this season on NCIS: Hawai’i? –Lindsay
I am told that, alas, we will not meet Heather (nor see any of Jesse’s family) during this strikes-shortened, 10-episode season.

Is there a reason why Benjamin Levy Aguilar (who plays Dante Torres) is absent from so many episodes this season of Chicago P.D.? He’s one of the more interesting characters in recent years. –Adriana
I got your query in front of showrunner Gwen Sigan, who reported back that Aguilar’s Torres has a “big episode coming up in Episode 9 of this season; dealing with the ongoing undercover investigation of Perez and his CI Gloria. It’s really a great ride with some complicated dilemmas for Torres.”

With Evil‘s Season 4 premiere just around the corner, do you have any idea who’s actually turning the pages in The Pop-Up Book of Contemporary Demons and Angels each week? –J.R.
I hand-delivered your Q to series co-creator Robert King, who said, “I think that was always Sheryl (played by Christine Lahti)…? Except sometimes it was a man’s hand, so I don’t know how that works!” Co-creator Michelle King then posited that Sheryl is “sharing duties with Michael Emerson[‘s Leland].”

Can we expect queer characters on CBS’ Elsbeth (returning April 4 with back-to-back episodes)? –Leonardo
I ran your question by showrunner Jonathan Tolins, who promptly flagged the Thursday, April 25 episode guest-starring Gina Gershon as a plastic surgeon who is married to a woman (played by Holly James).

Is Surface coming back? –Arnas
The Apple TV+ thriller was renewed some 16 months ago and the last casting news trickled out back in May, but there are no updates still on a release date.

Any scoop on Chucky? –Blake
As Old Chucky tries to figure out how to fix things with Damballa, Jake comes face to face with an antagonist from his past. Plus, as Tiffany’s execution date gets closer, she continues grasping at straws to somehow escape her fate… but where she winds up will shock you.

Will Resident Alien‘s Kate and Ben discover the truth about their abductions before the end of the season? Any other scoop on what’s to come before the finale?  — Karen
Kate and Ben will continue to get closer to the truth, but the Hawthornes’ biggest reveals will have to wait for the finale. However, we can tease that one Patience resident heads out on a solo mission that could have very devastating results.

Where is the best character on FBI: International? The dog! –Anthony
It took some doing, but I fetched you an answer, Anthony: Tank will make a long-awaited cameo in the season finale.

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