Mary Trump Stunned By Donald Trump’s Latest Online Stunt: ‘Absolutely Out Of This World’

Mary Trump thinks there may be something different about her uncle Donald Trump’s latest online meltdown.

Last Tuesday, the former president shared 19 talking-to-camera clips in a row on his Truth Social platform. In the latest installment of Mary Trump’s “The Good In Us” video series on Substack, the former president’s niece said that, though she was wary of overhyping her relative’s social media screeds, these rang uniquely.

“We’ve been doing this for a very long time now, and I think we need to check ourselves when we proclaim that this is the time that he’s really gone,” she said. “No, he’s been having temper tantrums on social media since before many of us were born.”

“So, having said that, this thread of videos was absolutely out of this world,” she continued. “I mean, even I have never seen anything like it. And the suggestion was that he must have found something out, and I’m now wondering if this is what it was.”

The “this” that Mary Trump alluded to was the presentation of a note in the former president’s civil fraud trial which appeared to suggest he was personally involved with the financial statements at the heart of the allegations that he and his company overvalued their assets for years to secure loans and cut deals.

Activist Joe Gallina agreed with Mary Trump, telling her he thought “there’s a good chance of that.”

Watch the full video here.