Mary Trump Shows GOP Wannabes How To Give 'Loser' Trump A Lesson In 'Humiliation'

Mary Trump, estranged niece and longtime critic of Donald Trump, said the 2024 Republican hopefuls are too afraid of her uncle’s loyal supporters to take him on directly ― but urged them to do so anyway.

“If they were serious people they would understand that they have a huge opportunity to take Donald out without having to contradict him in terms of policy,” she told MSNBC’s Katie Phang. “Just call him what he is: He’s a loser. He loses constantly. He has never legitimately won anything in his life. He is a thin-skinned baby who has nothing to offer but white grievance.”

She even suggested a stunt a candidate could pull at a debate: Show up with a bowl of mashed potatoes.

“That was his very first experience of humiliation was when he was being a total brat before my grandmother put dinner on the table,” she said. “My dad, just in order to shut him up and stop him from tormenting his little brother Robert, took a bowl of mashed potatoes and dumped it on Donald’s head.”

She added: “He hates that story.”

See more of her conversation with Phang, as posted by Raw Story, below: