Mariah Carey Refused to Die, Wanted the Ability to Block Bullets in Brief Movie Cameo

Mimi. Mariah. The elusive chanteuse. She might go by many names, but everyone agrees that Mariah Carey is a d-i-v-a, diva.

Apparently, she has a cameo in the upcoming comedy The House, which stars Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. So when Mariah came on set to shoot her brief —  we repeat, brief — cameo, you can believe all hell broke loose.

The House co-star Rob Huebel spoke to Entertainment Weekly’s SiriusXM station and revealed things started going downhill right at the beginning. “I heard she showed up, like, four hours late,” he said.
“And then when she got to her trailer, she came out and was like, ‘OK, first of all, there needs to be all white roses in my trailer.’”

A production assistant managed to get the white roses, but then came yet another diva demand. Something was still missing from her trailer: Lambs. “My fans are called lambs. So I need stuffed white lambs, little baby animals, for my trailer,” Huebel recalled.

Again, a production assistant somehow managed to find a bunch of stuffed little lambs for her trailer. So time to shoot Mariah’s cameo, right? Not quite.

First, Carey refused to sing the song that she was booked to perform. Then, she had a couple script notes. Huebel noted she was supposed to get shot and die in the scene — for laughs, of course — but Mariah didn’t like that angle and instead suggested this: “I don’t feel like my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them, like Wonder Woman?”

While Mariah as Wonder Woman would kind of be awesome, her character in The House isn’t even a superhero! She plays herself … Mariah Carey; a diva, but still, a human diva.

Huebel ended his interview by saying he’s not even sure what made the final cut, but that now viewers who see the movie will know the full insanity that occurred in the making of the film.

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