Maria Bartiromo Amplifies A Whopper About Barack Obama

Maria Bartiromo spewed more political hokum on Monday, asking a GOP congress member if former President Barack Obama was actually in charge instead of President Joe Biden. (Watch the video below.)

“So, who’s running the show here?” the Fox Business host asked Rep. Richard McCormick (R-Ga.). “I mean, you know, does he know what’s going on, or is he being directed by President Obama?”

Bartiromo said her question with a straight face weeks after Donald Trump suggested Obama was secretly Biden’s boss. Trump, the Republican front-runner for 2024, continued in a similar vein on Monday, implying Obama was still exerting “very big influence in running our Country.”

The conspiracy theory that Obama is a puppet master of sorts to Biden has been making the rounds as conservatives attempt to reinforce claims that the president is too old to do the job himself.

McCormick didn’t fully bite on Bartiromo’s silly suggestion but used it as a prompt to discuss Biden’s “cognitive decline.”

“He definitely doesn’t know what’s going on,” McCormick said with a laugh. “Whether he’s being directed by Obama or some other staff members is really questionable, but if you look at his cognitive decline in the last 50 years, we’ve been able to literally in real-time watch this guy in public life.”

McCormick said that time has eroded Biden’s ability to exude Bill Clinton-like “slickness” and has dulled his interpretive skills.

“Well, thank you,” the host replied.

Last week, Bartiromo floated the logic-free notion that China unleashed COVID-19 on the United States specifically to oust then-President Donald Trump from the White House in favor of Biden. The idea completely ignored that the virus inflicted death, sickness and economic hardship throughout the world, including China.

But Bartiromo has been known to amplify conspiracy theories and push misinformation.