Marcus Stroman's little brother selects a hero he knows well for school project

Based on some recent school work by Marcus Stroman’s younger brother, Jayden, the two have a very tight bond. (Twitter//@MStrooo6)
Based on some recent school work by Marcus Stroman’s younger brother, Jayden, the two have a very tight bond. (Twitter//@MStrooo6)

When Marcus Stroman’s little brother, Jayden, was recently working away on a newspaper assignment for a school project, the preteen had an enormous advantage over his peers when he got to the section titled “Meet My Hero.”

Sarah probably wrote about her aunt who’s a doctor that works in the emergency department of a hospital. Meanwhile, Justin likely wrote about his favourite crime fighter, Aquaman, because the advertising for the new movie starring Jason Momoa seems to literally be everywhere you look.

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Sorry Sarah and Justin. I guess that’s just the situation you’re stuck in when you’re not related to a pitcher in the MLB.


(At least, this is how I would have dealt with this situation if I was in Jayden’s shoes and still in grade school.)

Let’s get serious here and point out something that can’t be ignored: That printing! This kid’s command of the pencil is stunning and puts a similar newspaper assignment that I did a little over a decade ago to shame.

In all actual seriousness, though, this is a beautiful family moment. As the oldest sibling in my family myself, I can only imagine how incredible it must be to have one of the people that you care about most look up to you. Furthermore, Jayden’s inclusion of Marcus’ #HDMH (Height Doesn’t Measure Heart) tagline is a very nice touch.

It’s safe to say that Jayden has a pretty good role model in Marcus if he decides to pursue a similar goal down the road.

Although he’s barely hit double-digits in the age department, Jayden has shown he knows a thing or two about swinging a bat. I’m no scout, but it looks like he’s pretty decent at this baseball thing.

It turns out that others agreed as he was selected to take part in the the 12U USA National Team Trials earlier this season.

If his athletic ability is anywhere as good as his penmanship, I see big things on the horizon for this kid.

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