Marcus Stroman believes social media is a positive, powerful force

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Some may not always like what Marcus Stroman has to say on Twitter, but it’s hard not to respect his awareness of the potential impact that such outlets can have.

The Blue Jays right-hander explained on the ‘Digging In with J.P Arencibia’ podcast why he feels there’s way more positives than negatives when it comes to social media.

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“I think there’s an extremely positive force there behind social media. The ability to connect with fans, I can’t tell you, man, how many messages I’ve had, how many exchanges I’ve had, things that I kind of do behind the scenes that nobody knows. People reaching out to me — cancer patients, people going through mental struggles, people going through battles — and they’re saying I’m the source of inspiration and motivation for them.

“So it’s pretty special man, to see just kind of the movement and how just being myself, how positive of a force that you can be in the world, in the community, in society,” Stroman said.

(Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

It isn’t lost on Stroman that those of his stature — or the stature of any MLB player or professional athlete — have a particularly important job when it comes to making an impact in the community and influencing the actions of young fans and future players, especially through social media.

“And being an athlete, man, we have such a platform. You now what I mean? We have such a platform. And I think that guys just don’t understand that at points. We have the ability to influence the minds of the young wave of culture.

“That’s so hard to do but we can do it because we’re in the limelight and we’re, essentially, the young kids’ role models.”

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