Marc Gasol was extremely confused by Kyle Lowry's pregame ritual

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There are certain times in life when you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing but find a way to fake your way through it anyways. This was not one of those times for Marc Gasol.

With all eyes on Big Spain ahead of his first home game in a Toronto Raptors uniform, the club’s newest star was confronted with his first big test on Monday. It wasn’t a tough defensive matchup or trying to acclimate to a new offensive system that had the big man befuddled, though, it was something much more complex and tougher to grasp.

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Of course I’m talking about Kyle Lowry’s strange but glorious pregame ritual.

Arguably the strangest and most hilarious routine in the Association, the Toronto point guard’s  teammates graciously hit the floor and partake in various workout-mimicking antics while Lowry frees them one-by-one with the power of a theatrical handshake.

Gasol, who clearly wasn’t informed of — or paying attention to — this Raptors home game staple, was left confused, and honestly looked kind of sad, as the rest of the boys took their positions for K-Low’s intro.

Upon realized the error of his ways, however, Gasol pointed himself out and owned up to his lack of preparation for the big moment.

That’s what leaders do.

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