Manny Machado home run ball makes a baby incredibly happy

Bringing a baby to a baseball game is a risky venture. Sometimes the little one will sleep through the whole thing, and sometimes it’ll be fussy and you’ll have to leave after 30 minutes. When you bring a baby to a baseball game, you have to be prepared for any event and any outcome.

We can’t know if this dad at the Baltimore Orioles-Seattle Mariners game was prepared for a home run ball to land next to him. But once he had his hands on it, he knew just what to do.

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It was the bottom of the sixth inning, and the Orioles and Mariners were locked in a tight game. The O’s were only leading 1-0 — at least they were until Manny Machado stepped to the plate. He yanked the fourth pitch he saw into the seats in left center field, and suddenly the 1-0 game was a 2-0 game.

The ball landed in the front row, right next the dad and his chest-strapped baby. He calmly bent down to try and grab it, but lost out to a woman sitting a few seats away. She, like so many of us, apparently couldn’t resist an adorable baby, because she generously handed over the ball. And once the dad had the ball, he was no longer calm. He celebrated by doing the Dad-est dance of all Dad dances, and the baby LOVED IT.

This baby loves home runs. (
This baby loves home runs. (

There are happy babies, and then there are ecstatic babies. This little one was absolutely ecstatic.

The key to making a baby at a baseball game insanely happy is clear: just get your hands on a home run ball and start dancing around. Problem solved!

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