Manatee County Schools set to reopen Thursday after closing for Hurricane Idalia

Manatee County schools are set to reopen and resume classes after closing for Hurricane Idalia.

All Manatee district schools will resume classes Thursday, Aug. 31, following two days of school being dismissed due to the hurricane, the school district announced in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

Extracurricular activities and extended day are also set to resume, as well as athletic practices and games. However, the district said some athletic events may be postponed based on the availability of the teams involved due to Hurricane Idalia.

“We thank our parents and employees for their patience and understanding during this abrupt interruption of the school week, and we also extend our gratitude for all of the district, county and law enforcement employees who served in our school shelters throughout the storm,” wrote school district spokesperson Michael Barber in a news release Wednesday.

“We now look forward to welcoming our students back to our campuses tomorrow morning.”