Man tracks Siberian tiger that killed his dog — then it kills him, Russian officials say

Jeff Meigs via Unsplash.

A man in remote eastern Russia was fatally attacked by a Siberian tiger, officials say.

The man, who has not been named, was found dead near a forest in the Khabarovsk territory, regional police said in a Dec. 4 news release, adding that his body showed signs of an animal attack.

The incident happened after an Amur tiger, also known as a Siberian tiger, wandered into the village of Obor and killed the man’s dog, the Amur Tiger Center said in a news release.

The man followed the tiger’s tracks and eventually encountered it in a forest, where it had dragged the dog.

The tiger felt threatened by the man, so it attacked, killing him, the center said. Police and wildlife officials responded to the scene.

An investigation is underway, police said, adding that authorities will decide if the tiger should be removed from the wild.

Though the exact number of Siberian tigers in Russia isn’t known, the Amur Tiger Center estimates there are about 750 in the wild. The endangered cat’s population has grown in recent years thanks in part to conservation efforts, with the vast majority residing in the country’s Far East, experts say.

The return of the tigers has coincided with an increasing number of human encounters, experts say, the Moscow Times reported. In 2023, there have been nearly 300 incidents of tigers entering populated areas, attacking animals and people, in the Khabarovsk territory alone, according to the newspaper.

The village of Obor is roughly 3,800 miles east of Moscow.

Google Translate and Baidu Translate were used to translate the news releases from police and the Amur Tiger Center.

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