Man mocked after complaining he's still single despite getting '700 lbs of beef a year'

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A Twitter user, posed here by a model, complained women don't want a "provider". [Photo: Getty]
A Twitter user, posed here by a model, complained women don't want a "provider". [Photo: Getty]

Single woman: what do you look for in a partner?

Popular answers might include looks, a good job or a sense of humour – but one man seems to think an annual supply of 700 pounds (lbs) of beef gives him the edge.

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This is the subject of a Twitter thread shared over the weekend, which has since gone viral.

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A man named Stephen Vickers – who goes by the epithet “Dangerously Beefy” – bemoaned his single status, accusing the women in his life of preferring to date “losers” rather than enjoy what he had to offer as a “provider”.

It’s not just 700 pounds of beef, mind you – Vickers also boasts health insurance, a good salary and “a couple hundred acres” [sic].

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His post has, at time of writing, garnered over 12,000 likes and thousands of comments.

The jury’s out on whether the post has scored him any dates. But there’s certainly been a lot of mockery.

A number of people are also calling Vickers out on feminism grounds, saying women don’t need a “provider” in the 21st century but rather an equal partner.

People are also calling out Vickers on his sense of entitlement – suggesting he’s got the wrong approach to finding a meaningful relationship.

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Earlier this year, a video of a five foot tall man ranting about heightism on dating apps went viral – prompting a debate about the qualities people look for in online dating.

According to dating app Jigtalk, this is what men and women look for in a potential partner (you’ll notice pounds of meat are conspicuously absent).

Most important traits in a partner – (what females look for)

  1. Sense of humour (70%)

  2. Conversational skills (58%)

  3. Looks (56%)

  4. Height (28%)

  5. Education level (21%)

  6. Job title (20%)

  7. Financial stability (16%)

  8. Music choice (13%)

  9. Mutual friends (9%)

  10. Body shape (8%)

Most important traits in a partner – (what males look for)

  1. Looks (66%)

  2. Sense of humour (55%)

  3. Conversational skills (45%)

  4. Body shape (27%)

  5. Education level (24%)

  6. Job title (21%)

  7. Height (18%)

  8. Financial stability (18%)

  9. Music choice (13%)

  10. Mutual friends (12%).

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