Man getting haircut in mall is shot dead ‘in cold blood,’ Texas police say

A man was killed Sunday, June 4, in a Texas mall in what police are calling a “targeted” shooting.

San Antonio Police initially received reports around 3 p.m. of an active shooter at the North Star Mall, but the investigation revealed the killing was an isolated incident, public information officer Nick Soliz said during a news briefing streamed by KSAT.

Soliz said the victim was getting a haircut inside a mall barbershop.

“Two suspects come in and shoot him in cold blood in the middle of the day,” Soliz said. “At this time we have reason to believe it is in fact a targeted situation.”

A motive for the shooting is unclear.

Police said the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. He was identified by the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office as Adam Glass, 33, according to WOAI.

The mall was closed for the rest of the day as part of the investigation.

The suspects fled after the shooting, according to Soliz. A description of the shooters was not provided, as police said “it happened very quick.”

Video shared on social media showed people hiding and frantically running toward mall exits.

“A lot of people running, a lot of people bumping each other, a lot of people falling on the floor, people don’t even care to pick up those people to get out to the door,” Aly Jimenez told WOAI. “Whatever I see in the eyes, in the desperation of people when they get out of that door, I would like to not see that again.”

Bota Zhunussov, who was visiting from Kazakhstan, told the San Antonio Report that the sound of gunfire caused everyone to panic. She said her family left their purchased items in the mall.

“People were crying inside of the bathroom, as well,” Zhunussov told the publication. “Lots of screaming and crying. Everybody was hiding there.”